From childhood, you liked chocolate and its pleasant taste. Do you remember how delicious gifts gave you joyful emotions and cheered you up even on the saddest days? Even now, after many years, you smile when you pick up a bar of high-quality and delicious chocolate. But now everything is a little more complicated and it is not easy to cheer up. New work, colleagues, a lot of responsibility and some troubles in his personal life led to stress. You feel a breakdown, a bad mood, and your sleep has become anxious and restless. It seems that sweets will not solve the problem.

However, this is not so, because you can buy CBD chocolate. This product combines excellent taste and a positive effect on your health and mood. Besides, cannabis is legal in all 50 states, so you are not breaking the law. It remains only to choose the best CBD chocolate bar, and this review will help you make the right decision.

What You Must to Know about CBD Chocolate

Before you talk about the best CBD chocolate companies, you need to know more about products and cannabis. Many peoples used marijuana as a medicinal herb. For example, Jamaicans loved to smoke weed. They believed that smoking joints help to calm the nerves, clear the mind of bad thoughts and achieve enlightenment.

This is true – THC contained in cannabis has a strong psychotropic effect and has a sedative effect. Medical studies have shown that such products can help treat Alzheimer’s, epilepsy, and certain types of mental disorders. The problem is that tetrahydrocannabinol has a hallucinogenic effect and can be addictive, therefore it is illegal.

However, hemp contains other cannabinoids. Modern American manufacturers have learned to separate cannabidiol and use it for the manufacture of various oils, joints, creams, balms, etc. Various goodies are also available – CBD chocolate bars, cookies, gummies. Cannabidiol does not have a psychotropic effect, it has only a sedative effect, therefore it is legal in all 50 states. Moreover, medical studies have shown that CBD can help treat glaucoma, stress, insomnia, sports injuries and other problems. The main thing is to observe the correct dosage and choose a quality product (delicious CBD chocolate bar with excellent effect). And this article will help you make the right decision.

Best CBD Chocolate

TOP List of 10 Best CBD Chocolates

Buying the best CBD the chocolate that can have a serious impact on your body is a very responsible step. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully analyze each option and company. But it will take a lot of time, and now you want to enjoy a pleasant chocolate bar, right? Below is a list of 10 best hot chocolate CBD and bars to help you choose the best product.

Pure Science Lab Good Vibes Dark CBD Chocolate

  • Pros/Cons. This is truly the best CBD chocolate available on the market today. The American company Dark Vibes uses only the best hemp varieties grown on organic farms. No artificial sweeteners or flavors – only premium CBD processed cocoa beans. Moreover, the user can return the goods within 30 days from the date of purchase. The disadvantage is that the company does not offer the option of free delivery.
  • Prices. One CBD bar of chocolate contains 28 squares. Each slice contains 5mg of pure cannabidiol (140mg per tile). A package with one tile for $19.95 is offered, or you can order a box with four tiles for $59.95. So you just need to google “cbd chocolate near me.”
  • Effect. Most users who tried the products were satisfied with the pleasant and natural taste of cocoa beans. Besides, CBD has a mild relaxing effect, which occurs within 30-50 minutes after eating sweets. A great option to enjoy a natural treat and calm your nerves on a hard day.

CBD Living Chocolate Bar

  • Pros/Cons. Pleasant CBD dark chocolate, treated with cannabidiol full spectrum. A great solution if you do not like sweetness, but prefer the natural taste of cocoa beans. The company has its greenhouses, where hemp is grown organically. No herbicides or pesticides – only natural fertilizers. The company also purchases only those cocoa beans that have been certified according to ISO standards. Therefore, you can be sure of the quality of the purchased goods. The disadvantage is that the official site has an uncomfortable layout, so it is difficult to place an order.
  • Prices. The CBD chocolate bar has a stylish package and is divided into 8 squares. Each square contains 15mg of cannabidiol, which helps you choose the right dosage. The cost of one tile is $22.
  • Effect. Customers note the natural and rich taste of the tiles. Dark chocolate has a bitter note that many customers like. Besides, 15mg of pure CBD per square is a fairly large dose. A few squares are enough to feel a pleasant relaxing effect that will work after 30-40 minutes. Natural appearance, pleasant taste, excellent effect.

Best CBD Chocolate

Veggimins Dark Chocolate CBD hearts

  • Pros/Cons. Another product that should appear in the list of best CBD chocolates. The company has rich experience and excellent reputation among users. All products go through several stages of quality control. Besides, the product has a stylish design – heart-shaped sweets are packed in a durable plastic container in convenient sizes. Customers who prefer an American product will also like this purchase. Organic hemp is grown, processed and produced in the country. You can also return the product within 60 days if you did not like its taste or effect. The disadvantage is that the cost of the box is more than the standard CBD bar.
  • Prices. One bottle contains 30 heart-shaped sweets, and each piece contains 10mg of cannabidiol. The box costs $44.98, but you can save on shipping. The company will send the package for free if the order amount is more than $99.
  • Effect. Most customers note a pleasant taste and optimal concentration of cannabidiol in sweets. A few candies can provide you with a daily norm, make your mood better, and make the day more enjoyable.

Artisan CBD Chocolate by Lulu’s Chocolates

  • Pros/Cons. Another delicious and high-quality CBD chocolate bar. Lulu Bonner has been operating for over 15 years, creating true masterpieces of confectionery art. For example, the founder of the company tried a combination of natural sweets with exotic fruits in Hawaii and decided to release a similar variety. This helped win the prestigious at High Times Cannabis Cup award in 2017. The jury appreciated the excellent packaging design, delicious taste and excellent combination of natural ingredients. Moreover, this CBD chocolate is great for vegans. The disadvantage is the high cost of the order for the free delivery option.
  • Prices. The tile is packed in a stylish black box, and inside there are 4 squares (20mg of cannabidiol in each). One tile allows you to get a daily dose of cannabidiol and costs only $14. You can save by ordering a large box for $154 or filling out free shipping (when ordering more than $200).
  • Effect. The tile contains 78% cocoa, so it has a natural and slightly bitter taste. Besides, each piece is 20mg of cannabidiol, so you will feel the result very soon. The main CBD chocolate bar effects are mood improvement, calmness, and a light, analgesic effect, occurring within 30 minutes after drinking.

Therapeutic Treats Extra Strength Dark Chocolate Bar

  • Pros/Cons. An American company that makes the most pleasant and delicious goodies for you. For example, CBD oil chocolate is made from the best hemp varieties grown in organic fields. For the production of cannabidiol, a CO2 extraction method is used, which is the most environmentally friendly and safe. Moreover, all cocoa beans comply with the ISO classification, and products undergo several stages of quality control. Now you can be sure that you are buying a quality product. The disadvantage is the lack of a free delivery option (shipping cost is $9.99).
  • Prices. One bar of chocolate contains 60mg of pure CBD and is divided into 4 pieces (15mg per one). The cost of production is $17.99, but you can save by buying two tiles for $24.99. The option of returning unused goods within 30 days from the receipt of the parcel is also available.
  • Effect. Natural Ecuadorian chocolate with the addition of sea salt and fruity notes creates an excellent and truly pleasant taste. However, if you do not like the salty taste, the company produces several other options. Moreover, already two boxes will not only allow you to enjoy the taste but also feel a pleasant relaxing effect.

Best CBD Chocolate

Good Vibes 60% Dark Chocolate

  • Pros/Cons. Another Good Vibes product. This is a great option for those who do not like sweet milk chocolate but prefer chocolate CBD with a natural, bitter taste. The tile contains more than 60% cocoa. All cocoa beans are natural and comply with the international standard ISO. Moreover, when creating a product, only the best hemp varieties grown on organic farms are used. The product is also suitable for vegans and people with a gluten-free diet. The disadvantage is that the client cannot use the free delivery option.
  • Prices. Bright packaging attracts attention. But the main thing is that the tile is divided into a large number (28) pieces. Each square contains 5mg of pure CBD. This allows you to take the dosage as accurately as possible. The cost of one package is $19.95.
  • Effect. You made the right choice if you bought this CBD chocolate bar. A pleasant natural and slightly bitter taste makes your body enjoy. Moreover, several small squares will bring you peace of mind and will make even the most stressful day brighter and more enjoyable.

Cannabidiol Life CBD Chocolate

  • Pros/Cons. One of the best CBD non-THC chocolates made 100% by an American company. The company buys hemp from Colorado farms that do not use pesticides or herbicides. It contains only natural ingredients: cocoa beans, fresh cream, vanilla, sugar, and CBD. This is a great option for vegans and people on a gluten-free diet. Convenient packaging with sealing allows you to always have a treat at hand. Disadvantage – the site does not have information about laboratory tests.
  • Prices. The company offers CBD chocolate in small packages – only three pieces (15 mg cannabidiol in each). The cost of one package is $8.99, which makes this product one of the cheapest offers on the market. Also, the buyer has the opportunity to return the product within 30 days after purchase.
  • Effect. Many users liked the unconventional taste of CBD chocolate. The secret is in quality Dutch liquor, which is also used as an ingredient. Also, note its excellent effect. Just two pieces are enough to feel a pleasant wave of relaxation and calm, which will overtake you in 15-20 minutes.

Chocolate Bar by Vital Leaf CBD

  • Pros/Cons. We must talk about this product in the CBD chocolate review. One of the best bars, created with high quality and with love. Natural cocoa beans come from organic plantations in Bolivia, where there are several stages of selection. Besides, hemp (grown on Oregon farms) of the best varieties (tested according to American standards) is used to make this treat. Also, you can choose the taste that you like – options with the addition of peanuts and sea salt, peppermint, quinoa crunch, and others are available. Disadvantage – free shipping is available for orders over $100.
  • Prices. Each tile contains 100mg of pure CBD and is divided into 10 squares (10mg per one). The cost of such pleasure is $15. The option to return damaged or unused goods is available within 30 days.
  • Effect. This is an original CBD chocolate with a pleasant, natural, bitter taste and crunchy crunches that many customers liked. Users also noted a mild effect that raises your mood and allows you to calm down, get rid of stress. You can feel the effect in 20-30 minutes.

CBD Dark Chocolate Mints by Cannabidiol Creations

  • Pros/Cons. If you want to know the answer to the question, “What CBD chocolates are near me?” we recommend you to pay attention to this option. Convenient fastening packaging allows you to always have a treat at hand. Natural dark chocolate and CBD cannabis extract grown in organic fields will make your body tremble with pleasure. And remember that each piece is not only tasty but also healthy. The disadvantage is an inconvenient return policy.
  • Prices. One pack contains 60mg of pure CBD and four pieces of chocolate (15mg per each). The purchase price is $19.95. You can return unopened goods within five days from the receipt of the parcel.
  • Effect. Dark chocolate combined with peppermint extract is one of the favorite combinations for many customers. The pleasant bitter taste of cocoa and the freshness of mint allow you to feel real pleasure. And 15mg of pure CBD will affect in 15-20 minutes. You will be surprised at how your mood has improved, and the world around you has become brighter and more pleasant.

Magical Milk Chocolate Bar by Gron CBD

  • Pros/Cons. It is truly an exotic product with a unique taste and smell. The whole secret is in lemon peel and a southeast Asian evergreen bark. Gron uses only natural ingredients and will appeal to those customers who prefer sweet chocolate. Moreover, the bars are gluten-free and suitable for people on a gluten-free diet. The disadvantage is that the company does not offer customers the option of free delivery.
  • Prices. One tile contains 100 mg of pure CBD. You can divide it into the required number of pieces. The cost of one chocolate bar is $15.
  • Effect. The bar has a pleasant sweet taste, which goes well with sour lemon notes and caramel shades. However, if you want to buy another CBD bar, the company offers many options with different tastes: peanuts, dark classic, coffee, raspberries, vanilla, and others.

It is also necessary to say about CBD chocolate effects – this is a calm, peaceful state and excellent mood, which will appear in 20-25 minutes after consumption. This is a great product to make your day brighter.

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