Your experience as a smoker is more than 10 years, and you began to feel the negative effects of tobacco. Of course, you heard about the dangers of CBD smokes before, but in your youth, you had enough energy and vitality to not notice potential problems. Now you feel short of breath, tired, and your doctor said that there were problems with the trachea. It seems like you need to solve this problem quickly. But it turned out that quitting smoking is not easy, and your bad habit has won from time to time. But you could find a solution.

This is CBD Cigarettes. Hemp-based products have been legal in all 50 states for more than five years. Now you decide to try to order this product but faced the problem of choice. There are a lot of companies on the Internet that offer their services. This CBD cigarette review will tell you about the segment leaders and the best sites to buy products.

What Are CBD Cigarettes?

Before buying CBD hemp cigarettes, you need to find out what it is. Some users think these are joints with weed, but they’re not. The fact is that marijuana contains many different cannabinoids, one of which is THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). This ingredient acts on the receptors of the brain and causes a feeling of euphoria. Unfortunately, it has a psychotropic effect and is addictive, therefore it is a prohibited component. However, some medical studies have shown that it does not positively affect some areas of the brain and allows you to treat some diseases, for example, Alzheimer’s disease.

But modern CBD cigarettes the USA contain another cannabinoid – cannabidiol. As a result of cannabis processing, THC is not part of the product; cigarettes contain only pure CBD. This component does not affect the human psyche and allows it to control behavior after consumption, therefore it is legal in all 50 states. In contrast, CBD tobacco has a large number of negative effects (for example, nicotine leads to cancer of the throat, trachea, and lungs). Besides, there is evidence that CBD has a positive effect on the body and allows you to fight various diseases, such as glaucoma, epilepsy, type II hepatitis, etc.

Best CBD Cigarettes

List of 10 Best CBD Cigarettes in the USA

So, you have decided to buy CBD cigarettes, it remains only to determine the best company. Analysis of each company will take a lot of time, so we have compiled for you a list of the top 10 sites selling these products. Now you can purchase hemp cigarettes near you.

Cherry Cough

  • Pros/Cons. One of the most popular manufacturers offering quality CBD cigarettes for sale. The company has an official license and legally operates in all 50 states. Customers note a pleasant cherry flavor of the cigarette, as well as a high dose of cannabis (100 mg of CBD in each). The disadvantage is the high cost of goods;
  • Prices. The buyer can purchase hemp cigarettes CBD in various packages – with two or seven joints. In this case, the cost will be $15 or $40;
  • Effects. Customers who have tried Cherry Cough cigarettes note a mild effect, a pleasant feeling of calm and relaxation after use. A great option to relax, calm your nerves and make your sleep stronger.

Frosted Kush

  • Pros/Cons. Another good option for those who prefer to smoke natural hemp cigarettes with high CBD content. Here, too, each joint contains 100 mg of CBD and allows you to achieve a pleasant effect as quickly as possible. Due to the high content of terpenes and a pleasant smell of berries, it is popular with customers. The natural product is great for vegans. The disadvantage is the high cost of production;
  • Prices. The buyer can order two options for CBD cigarettes pack – with two or seven joints. Each cigarette is wrapped in hemp paper and individually sealed. The cost of the first option – $15, the second – $40;
  • Effects. Customers say that cigarettes have an excellent aroma of cake and berries, which relaxes the nerves and allows you to concentrate. Many reviews prove that this is one of the highest quality and most popular options available on the market today. That’s why you should start looking for hemp cigarettes near me.

Best CBD Cigarettes

Secret Dream

  • Pros/Cons. One of the most popular varieties of hemp CBD cigarettes, which is preferred by American smokers. It is delivered in a premium hard box, contains a rich set of terpenes and has a beneficial effect on the body. The product is 100% natural and reliably packed in an individual glass tube. The disadvantage is that some users do not like the sweet and sour taste;
  • Price. The cost of CBD Cigarettes depends on the packaging option you choose. A pack of two or seven cigarettes is available to the client, costing $15 or $40;
  • Effects. Most customers are satisfied with the effect of these CBD cigs. They note long-term exposure due to the high concentration of CBD (95 mg per joint), as well as an excellent soothing effect. But some people don’t like the sweet and sour taste and aroma.

Papaya Nights

  • Pros/Cons. A great choice if you prefer to smoke CBD cigarettes with low cannabidiol content. One joint contains 75 mg CBD, which allows you to feel the qualitative effect, but not to exceed the dosage. The exotic smell of papaya and its pleasant taste made it popular among lovers of products. The disadvantage is that a natural product will not appeal to those who want a strong effect;
  • Prices. The company’s products are supplied in hemp paper with individual packaging. Packs of 2 or 7 joints are available for $15 or $40 per pack;
  • Effects. Due to its low CBD content, hemp cigarette has the effect of easy relaxation and peace. Clients of the company recommend using it before bedtime to calm nerves, get rid of stress, and also get colorful and interesting dreams.

Secret OG

  • Pros/Cons. 100% natural hemp cigs that are great for legal use in all 50 states. It has a pleasant smell of chewing gum, cream, and marijuana. It is an excellent option for those who decide to relax after a hard day’s work and get the maximum effect. The disadvantage is that it will not work for those who support the THC-based OG Kush.
  • Prices. Products are made from the best cannabis varieties and wrapped in hemp paper of the highest quality. Besides, each cigarette has an individual package. The cost of a pack with two CBD cigarettes is $15, with seven cigarettes – $40;
  • Effects. The network has many positive reviews where customers note the high quality of products. The main plus – Secret OG perfectly relieves stress, relaxes the mind and body.

Sweet Cake

  • Pros/Cons. According to some users – the best CBD cigarettes, available today. An ideal combination of the pleasant aroma of ice cream and cake with soft notes of cannabis and excellent effect. They allow you to enjoy the taste and get calm on the couch, watching movies and TV shows. Disadvantage – only a pack with two joints is sold;
  • Prices. Stylish packaging in dark colors contains two cigarettes. Each hemp joint is individually wrapped in a glass tube and securely sealed. The concentration of CBD oil cigarettes is 18.5% per joint. The cost of packaging is $15;
  • Effects. Customers who have tried this variety note a mild effect that relaxes the body and thoughts. Besides, the pleasant aroma is an excellent flavor and creates a great atmosphere.

Best CBD Cigarettes

Sour Gummi

  • Pros/Cons. An amazing cannabis product. It is created based on an excellent mixture of hemp and terpenes, which give an excellent effect and have a positive effect on your mood. But I must say that some users are happy with the tart-sour taste, which is a drawback of the variety;
  • Prices. One joint contains 16.9% of CBD and is rolled into hemp paper and has an individual glass tube. Besides, customers like stylish dark packaging and 100% natural product. The cost of a box with 2 cigarettes is $15;
  • Effects. Users say that after they smoked CBD cigars, they felt pleasant relaxation throughout the body, clarity of thought and consciousness. In this condition, it is best to have conversations, watch various films, or do yoga.

Dough Boy

  • Pros/Cons. A special hybrid variety is grown for maximum effect. It has high CBD content in cigarettes but does not contain unnatural components. Great for vegans and has a pleasant creamy scent with earthy notes and a sweet dough. Disadvantage – liked by all users.
  • Prices. Secret Nature offers a variety of packaging for your convenience. For example, you can buy a box with two cigarettes for $15 or a box with 7 cigarettes for $40;
  • Effects. Many customers praised the Dough Boy variety, noting its amazing relaxing effect. This is a great option if your head is full of stressful thoughts after a working day and you just need to feel calm. Moreover, do it with maximum pleasure.

Diesel Puff

  • Pros/Cons. Quality grade, where each joint contains 100 mg of CBD. The composition also includes natural citruses and diesel, which allows you to get an excellent aroma and experience a real pleasure. Besides, this is an excellent option for obtaining clarity of thought and vigor in the desired effect. The disadvantage is that some users do not like the joint fragrance.
  • Prices. The packaging is available in two versions – with two or seven cigarettes. Each joint is wrapped in hemp paper and has a glass tube. The cost of a pack depends on the option selected – this is $15 or $40;
  • Effects. Many customers note that Diesel Puff allows you to concentrate perfectly on some process, gives clarity of thought and productivity. This is a great way to get maximum and natural tones with CBD cigarettes.


  • Pros/Cons. A special grade of CBD cigarettes for those who prefer a citrus flavor. The special sweet and sour mixture of aromas is inhaled perfectly and is liked by the vast majority of customers. Besides, it contains 18.4% CBD per joint, so the effect comes quickly and smoothly. The disadvantage is that buyers are not offered a large pack with seven cigarettes;
  • Prices. If you decide to buy a Citron CBD Cigarettes, you will need to pay $15. You will receive a stylish dark packaging with two joint, each of which is packed in hemp paper and has an individual glass tube;
  • Effects. This variety has a refreshing effect. It allows you to cheer up, feel a surge of energy and concentrate. A pleasant citrus smell will take you far in the waves of pleasure. Thanks to the excellent combination of delicious aroma and strong effect, they have become one of Secret Nature’s most popular varieties.

So before picking any of the products, do not forget about their features and the things you are paying for.

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