When the problem of losing interest in everyday life activities arises, and you feel like you’re starving for new sensations, there is a great option – CBD Lube products, which contain hemp extracts. At first, you thought about it, then you started looking for theoretical information, and it turned out that cannabidiol has a positive effect not only on sex life but also on health. There are many medical studies online that prove this. Well, it seems like it’s time to learn more about this product, and this review will tell how CBD Lube works, and where to choose the best options.

Useful Information About CBD Lube

Before you buy a CBD Lube, you need to know more about what it is. According to human physiology, for pleasant sex, we need a lubricant that makes the sensations more clean and sharp. Spiritual and physical intimacy allows you to enjoy unity only if you experience mutual desire and have a lubricant. Otherwise, it will turn into a real test.

Various studies have found that CBD lube is a great option with a long list of beneficial effects. For example, it can provide a feeling of warmth, help you concentrate on a large amount of time, and make the sensations more vivid and interesting. The secret to this effect is simple – cannabinoids are a drug that dilates blood vessels. As a result, blood circulation improves, heat appears, and an erection improves. And the experience of using CBD Lube is becoming more pleasant.

Moreover, cannabis has become legal in the United States and can be used in all 50 states. Of course, this is not about weed that contains THC (tetrahydrocannabinol, which has a psychotropic effect and can lead to hallucinations), but about legitimate CBD products. Today, a large number of companies produce oils, balms, salves, gummies, sprays, capsules, and other samples with cannabinoids. Also on sale are CBD Lube, which will make sex life more vibrant. It remains only to choose a quality product that has the greatest number of benefits.

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What Is CBD Lube Best For?

Of course, in this CBD Lube review, you need to tell who needs this product. Only after that can we give testimonials for the purchase. All men and women who wish to improve the quality of their sex lives can use a lubricant. Of course, if you do not have allergies and contraindications to the ingredients. Therefore, we recommend that you learn more about the components of the product or consult your doctor before buying a CBD Lube.

Pros/Cons Of CBD Lube

Now it is time to understand what is CBD Lube, what advantages and disadvantages it has. The information below will help you decide if you need this product.

Pros Of CBD Lube

  • Improves the blood circulation of the genitals;
  • Makes sensations from sex more pleasant and vivid;
  • All components are natural;
  • Some products contain coconut milk, which makes them taste and smell pleasant;
  • It helps to prolong sexual intercourse.

Cons Of CBD Lube

  • Some CBD Lube ingredients (for example, glycerin) may cause an allergic reaction;
  • Some customers prefer to buy goods made in the USA, and some companies cannot provide this;
  • Sometimes CBD Lube prices can be too large.

Best CBD Lube Products

This is the main part of the CBD Lube review, where we will talk about the most popular products offered on the market today and their properties.

Ananda Hemp Bliss Intimate Lube

One of the most popular products on the market. On the Internet, there are many positive CBD Lube reviews, where users note the excellent effect of oil on the body. Translated from Sanskrit, “Ananda” is tremendous bliss. It turns out that manufacturers knew how to be worthy of bearing such a name. The composition of lube includes essential oil and cocoa seed oil (it is believed that this herb is an aphrodisiac). As a result, users notice warmth from after use, excellent excitement, and keen emotions. The disadvantage of the product is the cost of the pot ($60), but the large volume (2oz.) Ensures that this lasts for a long time.

Ananda Hemp Bliss Intimate Lube

Foria Wellness Awaken Arousal Oil

Another well-known lubricant that will help diversify your sex life. Foria Wellness company develops a wide range of products for intimate life (for example, CBD capsule for menstrual pain). However, this product was created to have fun. The company emphasized a pleasant and natural smell, which is the main advantage of the product. Besides, natural aromatic oils and aphrodisiacs are also included. The disadvantage of this product is that it is not intended for use with condoms (a chemical reaction when interacting with latex), so it’s not suitable for everyone. The volume of the bottle is 1oz., And CBD Lube costs $48.

Foria Wellness Awaken Arousal Oil

Kush Queen Ignite Lube

This product is suitable for everyone, even those who have sex in condoms. The lubricant has a water base, so there is no risk of allergies. Besides, there are many CBD Lube testimonials on the net with tips to try this option. Because it is one of the most powerful products on the market, giving a quick and powerful effect. Strong feelings, passion, and hot sex are the preferences of Kush Queen customers. However, there is a drawback – the lubricant is odorless. So, if you want to add this factor, you will have to use scented candles and other components. The cost of a bottle of 30ml is $50.

Kush Queen Ignite Lube

Jack Knob Polish

This lubricant is aimed at a male audience. Of course, after all, men should also enjoy sex. A convenient tube allows you to quickly determine the dose and apply the right amount of lubricant. A special effect (thanks to CBD components) allows you to warm up, quickly feel arousal, but the main thing is to continue sexual intercourse. A special water formula with the addition of coconut oil does not cause allergic reactions. Besides, it is compatible with latex and silicone toys. The disadvantage is also the almost complete absence of smell. At your disposal are two volumes – 1oz. Or 6oz. Moreover, it is one of the cheapest products on the market. The cost of Jack Knob Lube is $12-24.

Jack Knob Polish

Privy Peach Sensation Intensifying Erotic Lube

This is a female choice. Quality and gentle lubricants are perfect for the most sensitive women. Girls like its texture and soft effect. This helps to feel maximum excitement and warmth near the erogenous zones. Privy Peach, the drug dealer, promotes blood flow to the genitals and real pleasure. Your nose will also be pleased – the pleasant aroma of lavender, jasmine, vanilla, and mint creates an excellent composition. Disadvantage – cannot be used with latex condoms. The cost of one bottle, volume 20ml – $48.

Privy Peach Sensation Intensifying Erotic Lube

Dani Pepper “O” Lube

A good way to make sex more enjoyable and diverse. The company has a patented recipe with unique ingredients, such as Kava root. Even a small CBD Lube dosage allows you to achieve an excellent effect, feel arousal, and enjoy sexual intercourse. The lubricant also allows you to activate the endocannabinoid system, simulating the stimulating effect of THC without any psychoactivity. The composition also includes aloe oil, vitamins C and B, which have a positive effect on the body. Moreover, CBD lube has a pleasant smell and an adequate price. The cost of a 50ml bottle is $32.

Dani Pepper “O” Lube

Quim Smooth Operator Intimate Lube

The manufacturer says the lubricant helps reduce irritation and improves soft tissue elasticity. Moreover, CBD oil helps young mothers, menopausal women, and people who have had sexual injuries recover. Thanks to the extract of aloe, it allows you to feel the tenderness and get maximum pleasure from intimacy. Disadvantage – cannot be used with latex condoms.

Quim Smooth Operator Intimate Lube

CBD Lube Prices

It’s time to talk about CBD Lube price. Below is a table showing all the necessary information.

Name Price
Ananda CBD Lube 60$
Foria CBD Lube 48$
Kush Queen Ignite CBD Lube 50$
Jack Knob CBD Lube 12-24$
Privy Peach CBD Lube 48$
Dani Pepper “O” CBD Lube 32$
Quim Smooth CBD Lube 36$

Shipping & Refunds

Before you purchase the company, you must make sure is CBD Lube legit or not. Learn more about the return policy. Most quality companies allow you to return unused goods within 30-45 days. Of course, the customer pays the postage. Also pay attention to whether it is possible to return a product that is unpacked, but did not like you. This will be an additional advantage of the company.

As a rule, firms provide fast and quality delivery to all 50 states. The average delivery time for CBD lube is 3-7 business days (excluding weekends and holidays). Sometimes services offer expedited deliveries in 1-2 days or the option of free delivery. Learn more on the official website of the selected company.


Well, we found out is CBD Lube scam or not, and also talked about the positive properties of the lubricant. Examine the information, select the product that suits you (consider whether you want to use a condom, smell the lavender, etc.) and make a choice.

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⭐️Is CBD Lube Edible?

All CBD Lube manufacturers understand that oral sex is part of sex. Therefore, almost 100% of the products are edibles. Besides, some options taste good. Foria Awaken Arousal Lube, for example, contains coconut oil and vitamin C. The only thing that can cause trouble is the individual intolerance of some components. Therefore, read the recommendations and the composition of the product before sex – this will help to avoid unpleasant situations.

⭐️Are There Some Dangerous Ingredients There?

Most CBD Lube is water-based, so women and men need not worry. But some lubricants contain glycerin. The vaginal pH balance is subtle, and the addition of glycerin can potentially lead to overpopulation of natural yeast and cause infection. Consult your healthcare provider about this to be sure of your choice.

⭐️Is CBD Lube Legitimate?

Cannabis and CBD Lube have been legal in all 50 states for more than five years. The main condition – the composition of the product should contain no more than 0.3% THC. All manufacturers and suppliers operate under US laws. Therefore, you can buy products from the company you like without any risk.

⭐️Is CBD Lube FDA Approved?

The question “is CBD Lube FDA approved” concerns many users. No, products do not pass FDA certification, but that only means one thing. They are not medicines. Therefore, do not try to treat diseases (rash, irritation, etc.) with their help. Of course, CBD Lube can have a positive effect, but this is not guaranteed. It is better to consult your doctor.

⭐️Will CBD Lube CBD Show On A Drug Test?

The task of the drug test is to show whether illegal ingredients are contained in the blood. If we are talking about cannabinoids, then this is THC. The component can be addictive and hallucinate, leading to addiction. But CBD Lube lab results showed that the composition of the product does not include more than 0.3% THC, so the risk of getting a positive result on the drug test is minimal.

⭐️How Does CBD Lube Make You Feel?

The main objective of the lubricant is to provide improved gliding and blood circulation. Thanks to CBD components, blood circulation is also improved, which leads to stronger arousal and sensory intercourse. Moreover, some ingredients help to increase duration without loss of arousal.

⭐️Where To Buy CBD Lube Product?

So, the time has come to make a purchase. To get started, read the article and find out maximum information about CBD Lube, the most popular and high-quality options offered on the market today. Now choose the right product, go to the official website of the company, register, and place an order. We also recommend reading the “Term & Conditions” document to find out what opportunities the client has and what responsibility the company bears.

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