With Proleve CBD, you know precisely what you pay for – flavor, taste, effects. If you have set up your mind to take CBD, you should look no further than this wonderful and reputable company. What is so special about it? Let’s not waste your time and find out everything about their unique health supplements and their benefits.

What Is Proleve And How Proleve CBD Works?

Proleve is a reliable and ethical brand that hit the market with the rapid sales of fast-acting and natural products. They help and control various bodily functions and immune system, including sleep, immune response, pain, appetite, memory, and mood. Though it’s a bit expensive compared to other brands-competitors, it is much more efficient and sophisticated. It is better to pay a lot once for something that is valuable and worth, rather than stay greedy and overpay.

What Are Proleve Products Made Of?

We all meet the term “CBD” everywhere but never actually get to grips with the meaning of it. Many of us also know what is cannabis, weed, and how they are related to CBD. But what should we specifically understand by this magnificent oil? If we talk about CBD oil, we should be referring to oil extracted from the seeds of the hemp herb. The percentage of THC there is relatively low comparatively with marijuana (less than 0.3%) and much higher in hemp.

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What Do Proleve Lab Results Say?

When trying to keep the position, Proleve has thoroughly tested various CBD items on purity and potency by a third-party lab. This is to ensure what is written on the label is what is served in the bottle. More amazing fact is that the test results are accessible to anyone who has bought or thinks of buying a certain product. You can find it via QR codes on every sample package.

Best for:

  • lowering the high blood pressure
  • improving the sleep
  • minimizing depression



  • supports muscles and organs health
  • fights psychosis
  • slows down the aging process of your brain and body
  • improves skins condition


  • appetite increase
  • dryness in the mouth

Best Proleve CBD Products

  • 50-mg Review

CBD Gummy Slices 4 pack is an incredible product for those who are willing to make the pleasure last longer. Ingredients, including Certified Organic Hemp Oil and Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, are packed with different flavors that will bring some unforgettable effects.

CBD Gummy Slices 50mg

  • 500-mg Review

CBD Infused Hand & Body Lotion (500) contains a bunch of minerals and vitamins that have some rejuvenation effects. It is really cheap, even though it contains around 100 drops in a bottle that you can use for daily washing or showering.

Infused Hand Body Lotion 500MG

  • 1000-mg Review

Broad Spectrum CBD Oil Tincture – THC Free
Produced with non-GMO hemp plants grown on select farms in the USA, it contains an even larger amount of THC free oil. So, for daily use, it should be the best of all in terms of the volume contained and money spent. It has around 450 drops in total.

Broad Spectrum CBD Oil Tincture 1000mg

Proleve Dosage

The amount of Proleve product you should take depends on all kinds of variables, such as

  • your body weight
  • condition you’re treating
  • your individual body chemistry
  • the concentration of CBD, whether these are gummies, salve or spray

And sometimes, it is impossible to define a specific dose or draw a dosage chart suitable for every customer. The perfect option is to visit your GP, who would prescribe a concrete Proleve product for the sake of risk avoidance. In this review, we will present to you the average calculation of your perfect dosage, but it does not mean that you have to stick to it. All in all, you should begin with a small dosage, and then you can slowly increase it. What is considered to be small? It varies from 20 to 40 mg a day.

If Proleve doesn’t work for you, try to increase this amount by 5 or 10 mg. You should be wise in terms of taking it and track down on your body’s reaction to the product. Usually, it seems really difficult and vague theoretically, but very easy in practice. Almost all of the products come with either a dropper or in a special dropper bottle. So, place some drops in your mouth and figure out your ideal dosage for daily use.

Proleve Ingredients

As it was mentioned previously, the main ingredient in this product is cannabidiol derived from industrial hemp plants. The cannabinoids used in CBD oil Proleve has not been linked to any side effects at this time, so you should leave no concerns about the quality of its components. Besides that, there is also a full-spectrum hemp extract containing high amounts of medicinal compounds. They are derived from all parts of hemp: flowers, leaves, and stalks. Then it is blended and filtered for achieving maximum purity and potency.

How Long Does It Take For A Proleve Product To Work?

Similarly to the question of dosage, it is hard to predict the exact period of CBD to start working. However, there is a general rule of thumb that says it might take around 1 or 2 hours, depending on the Proleve’s product and concentration you choose. But once again, when it comes to serious medical purposes, talk to your personal doctor. He or she will provide you with the recommended dosages and items, depending on your body state and other medications that you may be taking.

How Long Does Proleve Last?

Once 1 or 2 hours had passed, and you enjoyed all spectrum of Proleve oil effects, you started wondering how long is it going to last. Mostly, it ranges between 5 hours and 24 hours. You should consider all determining factors, and this is how you will find the answer.

Proleve CBD Effect

The list of positive Proleve effects is limitless. Hundreds of Proleve testimonials have proved the multiple health benefits of CBD on the human body. What cannabidiol chemicals scientific studies showed is that treating many serious diseases with just a bottle of Proleve oil is real. Let’s shed some light on the effects it may give you:

Beating Cancer

Due to the thing that cancer can be spread to any part and cell of your body, you should be taking some medicine that will have a controlled manner on the inner malfunctions. Unlike other cancer treatments causing you a bunch of side effects, cannabidiol represented in Proleve will not cost you life. The chances to cure this dreadful illness or at least reduce the symptoms are more successful if you consider taking Proleve oil.

Ensuring A High-Quality Sleep

Another cool effect that Proleve products promise to provide us with is a night of deep and high-quality sleep. But do not think of this effect as some side effect from the pot just because CBD is the main component of it. Proleve oil is not a dangerous wacky tabacky making you mellow. It is a legit medicine having a really good impact on your body and brain relaxation.

Combating Mental Disorders

Proleve oil appears to be a really cool potential alternative treatment for anxiety or mental disorders. Many testimonials have demonstrated how just one-month treatment with either balm, capsules, sprays, or oil can let you experience relief of stress-oriented symptoms without many risks of developing various side-effects.

Proleve Prices

The Proleve’s Billing Policy is very transparent, reasonable, and open to each and every, so no customer is left uncomfortable with the lack of payment information. Let’s take a look at the average Proleve CBD oil price chart of the above-listed products.

CBD Gummy Slices 4 pack (50) – Proleve $18.00 Buy now
CBD Infused Hand & Body Lotion (500) – Proleve $38.00 Buy now
Broad Spectrum CBD Oil Tincture – THC Free (1000) – Proleve $70.00 Buy now

So, as you can see, the Proleve cost ranges between $20 and $70, so anybody can afford it.

Shipping & Refunds


Proleve guarantees you a very fast delivery within the U.S on the same date of your order before 3 pm. If it is overseas shipping, it may take a while (from 3 to 7 days). Do not worry about the condition of the products while they are transported, as it is safely packed.


Similarly to the openness of the payment policy, Proleve offers a detailed explanation of their Refund Policy. If you suspect that your received product does not meet some of your needs, you have the right to arrange a return and request a refund. However, the package should be unpacked and unused in this case. Otherwise, there is no chance to get positive confirmation from the Customer Support department. If all requirements above are followed, you will get a full refund within 30 days.

Proleve CBD and You


As you have probably understood from the very beginning of today’s Proleve CBD oil review – this company’s products are very decent and unique within the CBD oils market. The numerous lab test, testimonials, and not to mention customers’ feedback approve it more and more every single day. And now you realize why and what for. It is a definite leader among various CBD platforms and companies in 2020 that ensures people with successful and effective treatment and other health benefits earlier discussed. Without any doubts, choose Proleve if you are expecting to get some medical support quickly and risk-free.


⭐️Is Proleve CBD FDA Approved?

Some of the CBD medication is currently FDA-approved for the treatment of certain types of epilepsy. Other researches on a slew of health conditions such as back pain, osteoarthritis, and even cancer are still to be done. For more information on FDA regulation, read here.

⭐️Is Proleve CBD Legit?

Many CBD brands have already received some negative records; however, Proleve CBD still has the reputation of a non-scam company, offering high-quality CBD items around the world. So, you should leave no doubts about its legitimacy.

⭐️Is Proleve Scam?

What is a real scam are the opiates and painkillers approved by the FDA, whereas some CBD product like Proleve is not. It ensures your safety and product efficiency at the same time, unlike other medicine.

⭐️Will Proleve Show On A Drug Test?

THC, which is CBD’s counterpart, is present in hemp plants used for the production of Proleve CBD oil. So, even a little percentage of it in your body can not guarantee you a negative THC result.

⭐️How Does Proleve Product Make You Feel?

As numerous Proleve testimonials claim – the benefits that you get from Proleve oil do not end with just curing anxiety disorders or cancer, but also depression, epilepsy, Alzheimer’s disease, and many others.

⭐️Where To Buy Proleve Product?

If you are lucky to find Proleve products in local stores, then go for it. But keep in mind that the stock is usually limited, so if you want to get a bottle of CBD, you’d better visit the company website and order one before it is sold out.

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